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Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening (as may be the case in your time zone) . As you may have guessed when coming onto my site, my name is Shane Andre Miller. I am an Accountant who specialises in IT Audits who has passed all four sections of the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination.

Purpose of Website

This website was created so that students/individuals would be able to share in my experiences so that information/skills that I have obtained/learnt can be passed on easily.


I have a deep interest in new technology, skills, and ideas since I started interacting with the computer in grade 4. About 9/10 of the times I am faced with a computer related problem I do the following:

  1. Remain calm & evaluate the situation
  2. Google it (search on

For example: Recently, I wanted to follow particular stocks on the Jamaican Stock Market, but I was tired of going to the website every day. So I did my two step plan, I identified the problem and I searched Google on how to import web pages into an excel document, after a couple hours I had gotten all my information in one place.


Music has always been a deep part of my life since I started out playing the piano and doing the Royal School of Music up to grade 2 (piano) before eventually switching to the Soprano Saxophone (pictured above right) then Alto Saxophone (pictured above left). Before that however, I was one of the best recorder players at my Prep school by the time I had reached the 6th grade (I even got a nickname – Beenie man). One of the most profound lessons I have learnt from music is that no one can teach you how to become the best, maybe they can teach you how to play and show you the correct techniques but

without seriously committing yourself  you will never go very far beyond what can be taught to you.

Art and Design.

 Honestly, since high school I can never claim to be the best designer or illustrator but I have always been good with creating logos and working with shapes. Since coming to the University of the West Indies I have been employing these skills when doing presentations and recently on becoming the Public Relations Officer of the Association of Aspiring Accountants I have done a lot of graphic design

 work while promoting the club.Fast forward to now and I have now created a entire startup business dedicated to Graphic and Media creation ->

Accounting & Appreciating Life’s Challenges

Accounting for life’s challenges is all about ensuring that whenever failure happens the necessary precautions are taken to ensure that if plan A doesn’t work, plan G will.

The only way to find out new things is through questioning. By doing this we are able to find out about ourselves and the word around us. Why is this computer failing, why am I failing? This is the approach that I have taken to my life and it has enabled me to come thus far.

     Maybe you’ve crashed your computer repeatedly over the years or maybe you failed a high school test.  Well I have. However, if I didn’t, I would not have the knowledge and experience to prevent those events from recurring.

Sometimes the best things in life happen unexpectedly.

Innovating Life’s challenges

Innovating life’s challenges speaks to the ability to turn a situation around favourably. It is almost akin to the Jamaican saying “Teh bad thing mek joke” but the challenge in this case is used as an opportunity to shine.

Rex Nettleford Hall Shane andre Miller saxohpone playing

shane andre miller soprano saxohpone

The first saxophone I played wasn’t meant for me. It was actually bought for my brother, but I practiced furiously with it until it was eventually passed on to me.

– Saxophonist 5+ Years and counting